Katerina's Windows
Donation and Devotion, Art and Music
as Heard and Seen Through the Writings of a Birgittine Nun

Martin Tucher, Katerina’s Brother-in-law


Martin Tucher initiated his own endowment two years after the death of his wife, Margarete. In a charter dated October 12, 1523, he stipulated that income from a property be given to three groups of beneficiaries. Annually on the Eve of St. Martin all the poor in Heilig Geist Spital were to be given a pitcher of wine, a freshly baked hard roll, and two pfennige — for which they were to pray for the donor. On St. Martin’s Day the priests in the rectories of the two Nuremberg parish churches were to receive a total of one guilder. Six guilders were to be put into the general collection box for the resident poor. The endowment was to be administered as a fideicommis with the responsibilities passed down to surviving family members.

Sources: Nuremberg, Stadtarchiv, A1 /Urkundenreihe, 1523, Oktober 12. We would likt to thank Hans-Dieter Beyerstedt for bringing this source to our attention.

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