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Susanne Imhoff,
Daughter of Hans and Katharina Imhoff

Letters from St. Walburg in Eichstätt

A folder in the Imhoff-Archiv contains documents sent by the Benedictine monastery of St. Walburg in Eichstätt, in the name of Susanne Imhoff, the abbess, and the entire convent. The letters were received by Susanne’s parents, Hans V Imhoff and Katharina Muffel Imhoff (on Susanne Imhoff see Katerina’s Windows, p. 274). These sources include receipts for an appanage in the amount of 25 guilders; requests for goods to be reimbursed through the funds due in this annuity; an order for a bronze mortar with specific dimensions, to be cast in Nuremberg; instructions as to how cash is to be brought to the monastery; information about monastic gifts of sausage and gingerbread; and an acknowledgment of the receipt of good saffron for the kitchen. These missives show a similar exchange of correspondence, commodities, and gifts as that documented in Katerina’s letters.

Source: Nuremberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Imhoff Archiv, Fasc. 52, no. 5 (1-17).


Letter from Katharina Muffel Imhoff

Contributed November 2008 by Maria Magdalena Zunker OSB

The source is preserved as a recycled fragment used as a binding for an account book. The letter, from Katharina Muffel Imhoff to her daughter Susanne in Eichstätt, accompanied the gift of a salmon. Katharina Imhoff instructs Susanne how to conserve the fish and laments that Lent is no longer observed in Nuremberg as it had been – presumably as a result of the Lutheran Reformation. The missive documents the realities of daily life and the continuing support of relatives in monasteries after the Reformation had been adopted in Nuremberg.

Source: Nuremberg, Staatsarchiv, St. Walburg, Eichstätt, Ea no. 294a (no date).

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