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Donation and Devotion, Art and Music
as Heard and Seen Through the Writings of a Birgittine Nun

Ursula Holzschuher Imhoff Tetzel, Katerina’s Mother

Memorial Commemoration

A series of entries in the official finance records for the city of Nuremberg shows that substantial funds were paid to the church of St. Sebald for Ursula Tetzel after her death. In 1508 the secretary of the treasury, Hans Tucher, issued a receipt to the executors of Ursula’s will, her sons-in-law Michel Lemmel and Martin Tucher (on behalf of her daughters—their wives), confirming that they had deposited thirty guilders in the finance office and thus purchased one guilder per annum in interest to be paid tax-free semi-annually to St. Sebald. In 1513 the amount was raised to an annual amount of seven guilders to be given to the master of works St. Sebald, presumably by raising the capital endowment. These sums were undoubtedly to be used for the anniversary Mass and associated rituals.

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